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October 14, 2013 / minusbar

Author Interview: Darker Sho (RUIN)

Author Interview: Darker Sho (RUIN)


I’ve been Kickstarting an anthology called Neverland’s Library this month. While doing so, I’ve been finding some awesome projects that I’d love to share with you all! This particular one was highly interesting to me because I really dig the overall style, and I’d really like to get into reading and reviewing more graphic novels and comics.

So after a brief message exchange, Ricky (AKA Darker Sho, the writer of RUIN) has decided to stop by and share some news about his project!


Darker Sho

Writer and Creator


Bold writing – Me       Regular text – Darker Sho

Ricky (Darker Sho), first thanks for taking the time out of your busy Kickstarter campaign to come and answer some questions about your new dystopian comic, RUIN.


The first question I have about the project is whether this is your first trip into the world of comic book writing?

Great question. I’ve written many comic scripts as well was Screenplays and other fiction works over the past three years. RUIN is the comic I’ve been working on for the longest and due to the style and detail in my brain, I wanted it to be our flagship story.  That’s why I wanted to co-create it first.


Sara, Ayden's sister, is no damsel in distress.  She's fierce and cunning with a no-nonsense attitude and the fortitude to do what needs to be done.How long has the idea for RUIN been coming together in your mind?

It’s been a little over two years now from the initial idea to conceptualizing characters, plot and the overall world. It’s great to look back at early notes and see how far we’ve come; the growth has been exponential.


How did you come to collaborating with Ruben Rojas. Have you all known each other long, or is this an example of strangers uniting under a common artistic vision?

Definitely the latter.  We met on a forum; I hail from Autin, TX and Ruben, Spain. We’ve never spoken on the phone or Skype, much less met in person; we work from Dropbox and email solely. We also goof around and share pictures of our bikes and cats on Facebook. We have a lot of the same interests–into a lot of the same comics, movies and music–and Ruben intrinsically knew what style and theme I wanted for this book.  That collaboration has been pivotal to the project’s growth and development.


The style of this project reminds me very much of the Borderlands video game series. Was this an inspiration for you and Ruben? If not, what sort of things did you all pull inspiration from for the project?

Ruben might take inspiration from Borderlands or Fallout… the Vaualt-Tec bobblehead makes an appearance in the book (one of many Easter Eggs), but so does Godzilla. We are inspired by a lot of different things but it’s definitely our story. The inspiration for me comes mostly from the band TOOL and Sci-Fi films from the 70s such as A Boy and His Dog with Don Johnson and other cult or B apocalyptic movies.


In a 100 words or less, what argument would you make to a comic book fan to get out there and read RUIN?

Three-legged Blue Doberman speaks with Pictogram and Rebus puzzles. Name another comic that challenges your puzzle solving skills?


I see you all are doing very well with the Kickstarter campaign. What type of unique incentives are you all offering to potential Tirra- a bitter Pleasure Droid whom Ayden befriends.backers?

We have a Digital Pack I think is pretty awesome in which Ruben will draw your avatar… it’s great for International Backers that would like to avoid shipping. We also have original art up for grabs. Ruben will go on to fulfill a long prosperous career in comics, I have no doubt, so this is a great opportunity to get hand-drawn art from him before he’s famous. And one of our most popular rewards is one in which you can become a character and work with us to design one in your likeness that will be published in the book. We’re really trying to appeal to everyone and I think have something for every fan at every socioeconomic status!


What kind of stretch goals would you like to unlock with this campaign?

I really want to get Ruben to Austin. I want to hangout with the guy I’ve been working with for so long and catch a movie, grab a beer or comics, and just hangout. A plane ticket to next years Austin Comic Con or NYC would be a great stretch goal as well. We’d also like to continue working towards completing the first six issues and eventually publishing a hard-cover graphic novel.


Lastly, can you tell me a little about your protagonist? Also, if you could meet them in person, how would that go?

With the onset of RUIN we meet Ayden… but this is a character driven story, with many strong willed individuals, so the protagonist role will shift.  Ayden’s a hardened young survivalist in the Outer-Terra. The only family he knows, except his Doberman, is his sister Sara. They were separated shortly after the disaster and he must find her quickly, as this is not a world that is forgiving or fair. Ayden is a wayfarer, lost in the vastness of dystopian Earth, but he is cunning and patient and that’s what keeps him alive. I think if we met, we’d probably just give one another a nod of acknowledgement and not actually say anything.  We’re both introverts, so we would probably respect each other from a distance without ever really getting to know one another.


Thanks for stopping by!



For anyone who is a fan of comic book bad-assery and amazing art, you can check this project on Kickstarter now!

Art by Ruben Rojas, RUIN #1 cover

RUIN is a graphic novel about a nomadic survivalist trying to make ends meet in a future dystopia after humans have destroyed the civilization they worked so hard to build, leaving only a vast wasteland of primal human behavior with little hope for repair. It’s the year 4602 and our protagonist, Ayden, is scouring the harsh desert badlands with only a map and his three-legged canine companion, Sasha. His only friend is a wildly intelligent Doberman who speaks to him in pictograms and puzzles, often providing comic relief and good advice to the wayfarer. Ayden is on a mission to rescue his kidnapped sister from the fallen city of Ataraxis, the capital of debauchery and depravity on the Outer-Terra. He and his companion will have to use their wits and determination to fight off hoards of sinister mutants, unbridled aliens, and only the most abhorrent characters of what’s left of the human race. Repair and rebuild are not part of this future vocabulary; it’s scavenge and survive at all costs.

Art by Ruben Rojas


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