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September 9, 2013 / minusbar

Book Review: Jimmy The Crawler, by Raymond E. Feist

Book Review: “Jimmy The Crawler” by Raymond E. Feist

There’s something to be said for a good novella. The story has to be full enough to be substantial, yet also concise and compact. Jimmy The Crawler is a wonderful example of this writing medium done right. The story is a one-off adventure featuring Jimmy The Hand, a beloved character from Raymond E. Feist’s Riftwar series. While those who are already aware of the series are in for a real treat, the thing that really impressed me is how well the story stands on it’s own and without prior knowledge of the world and characters.

When the nation is threatened by a new and powerful crime boss who is shrouded in mystery, the emperor dispatches his faithful self-made squire to unravel the plot before it works its course. However, with each step they take to uncover the secrets of Jimmy The Crawler, the less they seem to know. Danger awaits them at every turn and the seed of corruption may run deeper than they’d ever thought possible.

While there is no doubt that Jimmy The Hand is the major focus of the story, the supporting cast is well fleshed out and their chemistry (in more than one sense of the word) feels authentic. I had no problem falling in love with these characters, even after having spent so little time with them. While Jimmy TH (The Hand) is roguish and recklessly effective, his companions, William and Jazhara are more formal in their methodology. While they usually defer to Jimmy’s lead, I found the opposing personalities intriguing during their interactions.

This novella was filled with a wonderful mix disguise and misdirection, political intrigue, and last but certainly not least, immensely entertaining action. Without a doubt, Feist is a master of writing fantasy. His skills are on full display during the fight scenes in this book. I was thoroughly impressed with the action and ate up the internal dialogue of the protagonist as he faced what often seemed to be insurmountable odds.

As a longtime fan of Raymond E. Feist, I can gladly say that this novella lives up to the quality of work that I have to expect from him. Due to the short length and the stories ability to standalone, I would highly recommend this to anyone who has not already fallen in love with his work. If you are already a fan like me, then I assume you need no convincing.


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