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August 5, 2013 / minusbar

Book Review: The Darwin Elevator, by Jason M. Hough

Book Review: “The Darwin Elevator” by Jason M. Hough

The biggest strength in “THE DARWIN ELEVATOR” was the pacing. Within twenty pages I had a good feel for the characters and knew I was in for an action packed thrill ride. What really impressed me though was that the throttle never lets up. With tiny compact chapters, it’s definitely a page turner. I found myself saying “Ohh just a few more pages before I sleep!” until it was 3am and my eyes where bloodshot from sleep deprivation and my stomach angrily growled like a bear.

In the mid-23rd century, Darwin, Australia, stands as the last human city on Earth. The world has succumbed to an alien plague, with most of the population transformed into mindless, savage creatures. The planet’s refugees flock to Darwin, where a space elevator—created by the architects of this apocalypse, the Builders—emits a plague-suppressing aura.

Skyler Luiken has a rare immunity to the plague. Backed by an international crew of fellow “immunes,” he leads missions into the dangerous wasteland beyond the aura’s edge to find the resources Darwin needs to stave off collapse. But when the Elevator starts to malfunction, Skyler is tapped—along with the brilliant scientist, Dr. Tania Sharma—to solve the mystery of the failing alien technology and save the ragged remnants of humanity.

Although this is most certainly a Sci-fi book, it also has appeal for Zombie enthusiasts such as myself. Imagine that a hardened platoon of ex-military/turned-merc  scavengers get thrown into a Deadspace vieo game and you’ll have an idea of what to expect. Plus, the Dystopian setting of Darwin (the location) is eerily gritty and filled with deceit and political intrigue only waiting to bubble to the surface. There’s nothing gourmet about this popcorn fare, but it’s damn entertaining to read about.

As a good “first” in a series should do, it lays the ground works for a much larger and windy story that is yet to be told. I know some people dislike this type of openness to an ending, but it’s handled well. This is the type of ending that makes you mad, stomp around like a little kid then huddle in a corner and mark off calendar days for book two’s release date. Well played Jason M. Hough, well played!

If you’re on the line about diving into this book, I’d say to give it a few chapters and you’ll definitely know if it’s for you. I’m not a gung-ho Sci-fi guy and ordinarily I would not have taken the time to read this type of book, but as a cup half-full kind of guy, I gave it a shot. It paid off as it proved to be a very competent debut will appeal to Sci-fi fans who don’t mind if the content is not too “hard” and mixes a bit of blood with the wires.

This book was provided to me through TLC Book Tours for an honest review. Stay tuned! On the ninth I’ll have a guest post with the author himself and a chance for you to win a copy of The Darwin Elevator!


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  1. Heather J. @ TLC / Aug 9 2013 10:33 pm

    I’m glad to see that you enjoyed this book and that you feel it would appeal to a variety of different readers.

    Thanks for being on the tour! I’m featuring your review on TLC’s Facebook page today.


  1. Guest Post+Giveaway: Jason M. Hough, author of The Darwin Elevator | A Daily Dose of R&R

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