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May 21, 2013 / minusbar

Movie Review: Iron Man 3 by Shane Black

Movie Review: “Iron Man 3” by Shane Black

Only a fool would argue that Iron Man 3 was an unsuccessful film, but was it better than the previous entries in the series? My much belated review of the film will briefly touch on both this film and the previous Iron Man films. In order to adequately review a movie like this, it’s necessary to not only review it as an individual film, but also as a larger entry in a wave of Marvel movies.

Alright, so the first question going into this film is, “how do we up the ante after Avengers?!” This would have been a very difficult thing to do, so I was pleased to find the more grounded and contained story in this entry. At the core of the Iron Man movies, it’s not the suits and the gadgets, it’s Tony Stark being sarcastic and witty. The first film had a very good balance of action and Tony’s character development time; the second film, for me, went off the deep end with the silly factor (Dancing around in his suit, really?). Luckily though, the third film was a return to form as the humor takes a more sarcastic and witty tone. He’s a jerk! And we love him for it…

The majority of the film features Tony Stark out of suit and improvising. This is where he’s at his best! Pulling MacGyver’s and creating a low-tech arsenal to dispatch baddies was refreshing after seeing super suits dismantle everything. It also helped to reinforce the notion that Iron Man isn’t just a fancy suit, he’s also a super genius with superb fighting skills. Basically, he’s Batman with one-liners, glorious!

Was the film perfect? No, but it was the most balanced and complete Iron Man film yet. I found the first movie to be amazing at the start and fizzling at the end. The second film, I try to pretend it never existed. This one though was a good bit of fun. It satisfied both my desire for action and humor. This is a perfect popcorn flick, the entertainment value was high and it has a good amount of re-watchability.


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