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May 11, 2013 / minusbar

Book Review: The Dreamshift Chronicles: Broken Dreams, by D.L. Silverman

Book Review: “The Dreamshift Chronicles: Broken Dreams” by D.L. Silverman

Reading some books is like ripping the band-aid to find a healed wound. It’s a little painful in parts, but underneath it all is something good. That’s a pretty good description for Broken Dreams by D.L. Silverman. This book is the first in The Dream Shift Chronicles, and is the author’s debut novel.

Wrongfully convicted of a crime he did not commit, Mike Ward’s only escape from prison life is through his dreams. His night visions of a garden paradise were so vivid they felt real – but he could not imagine they would enable him to step into a reality far beyond his imaginings and on a quest to save Ganae-Den, a realm of eternal peace and beauty.

Mike discovers he is a Dreamshifter, a being who can travel to other dimensions via his dreams. As he learns to shift to other realms, he determines to never return to his earthly prison. But the Shield Tree that protects Ganae-Den is dying; LifeStealer, a Dreamshifter hungry for conquest, has stolen the magical stones from the Shield Tree. For this, the Way to other realms is closing, and the garden paradise is now open to attack.

Debut novelist D. L. Silverman draws the reader into a world where dreams become reality, and the nightmare of reality invades your dreams. Broken Dreams is the first book of The Dreamshift Chronicles Trilogy.

  I’ll go over the good points first. The storyline was actually really interesting! The basic premise: Mike Ward, a prisoner wrongly convicted, escapes by shifting realms while he is dreaming only to find that the “hub” realm, where all of the realms collide, is in danger of self-destructing. He, along with several companions, undertakes a quest to find a solution. It was a well-thought out plot, and as I read more I was drawn into it. By the end I actually wanted to know what was going to happen. The different realms that were visited were unique, and the creatures there were pretty cool too!

  The problem was the awkward and (sometimes) cliche dialogue. It was a bit underwhelming, and got in the way of the character development. Also, the story didn’t really begin for about one hundred pages. Since this book was 389 pages long, that was kind of a bummer. These things, and a couple of editing problems, were a constant distraction from the actual story.

  That said, Broken Dreams is a quick read. It might make a good filler novel if you are in between books. As I said, the story is interesting, you just have to find it. There’s room for improvement (when isn’t there, honestly?), but I think Silverman shows promise.

Interested in checking it out for yourself? Pick it up on Amazon for only $4.99!


Molly Chenault


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