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February 7, 2013 / minusbar

Book Review: Ravine Vol. 1, by Stjepan Sejic

Book Review: “Ravine: Vol. 1” by Stjepan Sejic

If you’ve ever read my blog, you’ll know I’m not a big fan of bashing books. I respect the work that goes into crafting stories and illustrating images. Also, if it’s something that I’m absolutely not going to get any pleasure out of reading, then it’s not worth my time to read and review. However, on the rare occasion I do get through a book that I truly dislike, I try to be as constructive in my criticism as possible.

“In a fantastic world far from our own, an ancient magic spell almost split the world in two and left an endless ravine in the north.

One man, Nebezial Asheri, driven by the deaths of his wife and daughters, will attempt to reclaim that magic and bring his loved ones back to life.

The forces of an entire city, Paladia, will rise to oppose him, but his greatest foes will be a ragtag band of an outcast wizard, a dragonrider, and their allies.”


Ravine is one of those stories that possess a great premise that gets you excited to read it! I mean common, magic, monsters and dragons all in the same graphic novel?! So what if the storytelling is not revolutionary, that’ll be good light fun, right?  WRONG.

The illustrations are hard to explain. I went from impressed to agitated, over and over again. The characters often look out of place amidst the background. Imagine the movie 300, only instead of Girard Butler and ripped Spartans, I have blurry oil painted people in front of the green screen. The scenes where people donned armor or the focus was on the geography of the world where pretty well done, my main issue was with the illustrations depicting people, especially their faces.

The characters all seemed like the typical fantasy clichés with new wrapping paper. For instance, the main protagonist, Stein, is depicted to be a lovable rogue. He does all of the the typical fantasy hero things, wielding magic, making sarcastic comments, all while exuberating confidence. It’s clear they wanted to make him a likable character. However, his hollow development makes that very difficult. You open the present and find out you’ve been re-gifted.

For a volume that’s only 150 pages with very little written dialogue, it took an awfully long time to get the story moving. It also took an awful long time to force my way through reading, but that’s a horse of a different color.  If you’re looking for a good fantasy graphic novel to invest in, I’d suggest you keep looking. This one left me very unimpressed.

This book was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.


Roger Bellini



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  1. Fakey mcfakeperson / Feb 23 2013 11:35 am

    you’re a meanie >xp

  2. kusanagi666 / Feb 23 2013 2:42 pm

    From all the reviews I read of this book, this is the only one that says it sucks…uhnnnn!! defined I will buy the book, have a nice day.

  3. Artfan / Feb 26 2013 9:25 pm

    Ok, I can’t comment on the story or characters because I haven’t read it yet. But I have seen some of the pages. The artwork is stunning, far beyond the caliber of most comics and graphic novels. A lot of tender love and care went into those brushstrokes and you can tell immediately.

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