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December 23, 2012 / minusbar

Fantasy books by Debut Authors in 2013!

First, this list is far from comprehensive! These are only a handful of first time published authors that I am greatly looking forward to reading this year.

Coming in at #1….

Promise of Blood by Brian McClellan 


This book is due out on April 16th and will be published by Orbit Books. From what I’ve gathered, this book will include the big three! Guns, swords and sorcery all in a deliciously action packed political suarez!I’ll definitely be posting more about this book once I get a chance to read it. I recommend you do the same as it’s available in hard-cover edition on Amazon at the very reasonably price of $13 and change for pre-order. If all of that is not enough to convince you to give it a shot, how about this..  he’s a former student of the legendary Brandon Sanderson!


The Madman’s Daughter by Megan Shepherd

 This book choice is one that I struggled with whether to include or not at first. Purely judging the book by the cover, you’d think this is not exactly a fantasy author. However, after learning more about the novel my curiosity was peeked and it earned a place on this list, and very nearly took the top! Being a huge fan of H. G. Wells work, I was delighted to hear this book drew inspiration from one of his books. That, along with the talking animals reminiscent of chimera’s should make for a good read! I can plow through a little bit of love triangles if the story payoff is worth it.


Blood’s Pride by Evie Manieri


This novel will be released on February 19th by TOR Books. The conquered Shadari people hire a badass evil mercenary to help fuel their rebellion! Sounds like a good plan, right? Well, maybe it was, but this ladies got her own evil agenda and may prove to be a volatile friend to have. I love novels that show a bit of power squabbles and I enjoy when the good guys have a division within their ranks. This read should prove to be a juicy bit of war and deceit. 




The Liberation of Sundrian City by Ander Louis
The best thing about reading a first novel is the unknowing! So, I’ll steal a line from this books synopsis “If ignorance were bliss, would you seek truth?” For me, the answer is yes! I suspect there may be some cheesy cliches and cookie cutter characters, but sometimes I just want action!! Ohh, and a thirteen year old riding a elephant death machine also never hurt (Or would it?).
Like I said, far from comprehensive, but I am sure I will read many more than just these debut authors this year. I’ll tell you what I think as I get to each one! That way I can read the duds and help you find your next diamond in the rough! Thanks to all the authors for their hard work, blood sweat and sleepless nights that went into creating these novels! 
Happy Holidays! 
Roger Bellini

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