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December 23, 2012 / minusbar

Disney, this is where Star Wars needs to go!

Alright, so I know this topic has already been beat to death but I cannot resist! Now that Disney has acquired the rights to Star Wars they plan to release new films to take place after “The Return of the Jedi.” That’s not so bad, I’d rather have Lucas-free movies than no more movies at all in my lifetime. So, I’m going to pitch my ideas for Star Wars films that Disney should get busy and start making! These are purely what I want to see, and are very unlikely to get the movie treatment, sadly.

“Boba Fett” the movie


This movie just makes so much sense to make, and is actually probably the most likely one to be made on this list. The potential for storyline is limitless as there are hundreds of comics and novels that reference his character. Also, there are enough open spaces in his life to not even worry about ever treading on already covered ground. They could easily churn out a trilogy based on his swashbuckling bounty hunter adventures. They could turn him into a very enjoyable anti-hero, and maybe soften his character up a little by giving him a bit of Robin Hood flare. The clone wars has been a step in the right direction for the Star Wars franchise showcasing some of their non-Jedi characters; it’s time to take the next step and make a (mostly) Jedi-free movie.

“Darth Bane” the movie


If you’ve not yet read the Bane trilogy of books by Drew Karpyshyn than you are missing out! This characters story is beautifully covered in the books from his rise all the way to his demise. If ever there was a book  in the Star Wars series that needed the cinematic treatment more, this would be it. For those of you who do not know, Bane is one of the most powerful Sith lords to brace the pages of Star Wars fiction. Despite being a bad guy, he is a very likable character that viewers would have no problem rooting for. The time has come for the bad guys to get their stories told, I propose we start with Bane and work from there. If the movie took off, the studio would then have easily enough material for a trilogy of films, and beyond if they wanted to pursue his legacies story arc after.

“Kerra Holt / Knight Errant” the movie


Like Bane, Kerra’s story also takes place in the “Old Republic Era” of the Star Wars universe. This period of time is especially interesting because of the large number of Sith baddies that came to power during it. Kerra’s story is particularly interesting because she is forced to ally herself with enemies to the Jedi order to complete her mission. Also, it would be nice to see a film about a Jedi that is not “all powerful! The Anakin’s and Vader’s are fun, but the small-fries often have great story that needs telling too. The ability to overcome insurmountable challenges is what the hero story is all about after all!
“Obi-Wan Kenobi” the movie
Before you say this would be retreading the story told in episodes 1-3, think about the end of “Revenge of the Sith.” I highly doubt Vader just holed himself up waiting for near twenty years to get revenge on Obi-Wan for schooling him. There could easily be an entertaining story with these two dueling it out. Also, Obi-Wan was wonderfully acted by Ewan McGregor in the past three films, and I would love to see him reprise that role to show fans a little bit of what transpired throughout the galaxy between episodes 3 and 4. It’s a large void in the story mythos that Disney should consider filling before the original actor gets too old.
“Darth Revan” the movie
If you asked me to name one and only character from a game to make a movie about, it would be Revan. Knights of the Old Republic was more than just a Star Wars game for me growing up! It was the reason I’m a RPG fan today and also the reason I will always love Xbox more than Playstation. Revan’s grandeur was significantly reduced after Karpyshyn’s novel on the character, but he still remains one of the most popular secondary characters in the minds of Star Wars geeks everywhere.  Heck, it could be entertaining enough just to watch a origin movie for the character showing his rise to power and end it with his fall to the dark side, then have a sequel showing his redemption. The idea of a jedi that’s tasted the dark side of the force and maintained control is a fascinating thing. Essentially, with Revan we get our cake and eat it too!
Please feel free to mention any Star Wars characters you’d like to see get the movie treatment. You’ll probably notice I’m quite the fan of the Old Republic Era. If you are a bit lost with some of the characters in that part of the Star Wars universe, I highly recommend you track down Knights of The Old Republic and try it out. You won’t regret it!
Roger Bellini

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