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December 23, 2012 / minusbar

Book Review: The Liberation of Sundrian City by Ander Louis!

Book Review: “The Liberation of Sundrian City” by Ander Louis

(Cover artwork by Jimmy Manton)

To summarize this book in a single word, I’d have to say “fun.” Ander Louis wastes no time advancing the stories plot, so as a reader, you don’t have to worry about the somewhat standard beginning book lull that many fantasy novels tend to have. I actually ended up reading this from cover to cover in a single setting. This is by no means, saying the book is short. The author simply shapes a story that makes you want to continue on to see what happens next.

I greatly enjoyed reading about the war elephants in the story. It’s clearly evident that Ander has a true passion for the topic, and it’s showcased in multiple scenes within the story. In fact, I found myself wishing portions of the book had been further fleshed out so I could have read more about the lead character, Linus, and his progress to tame the unruly elephant, Missy.

Also, the mute, Garresh was another highlight of the book. Ander avoids the stereotype of the mindless brute by portraying this character as a surprisingly competent and sensitive person. Every scene involving him was especially enjoyable for me, as I liked how his thoughts where explained to the reader.

Overall, the book is not without it’s flaws. There are some standard action cliches in this novel, but I found myself welcoming them like an old friend because of the stories lighthearted feel. At no time during my read-through did this pull me out of my enjoyment of the overall story. The purpose of reading fiction is for entertainment, and on that front, The Liberation of Sundrian City delivers! If you can overlook an occasional bit of predictability, you’ll find a story about a young man that is more than worth your time to discover. The books pros far outweigh the cons.

If you were on the line about reading this novel, I fully suggest you man-up and check it out for yourself! I’m quite glad I did, and I’m sure you will be too.

The book is currently available on Amazon in both paperback and E-book.
Roger Bellini

P.S. A huge thank you to Ander Louis for allowing me to review his book.


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